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      n addition to sunnier skies, spring has a way of bringing about sunnier dispositions — andthat's never more true than for those who are spring babies.


      You may be less at risk for a mental hea 2000 lth disorder.


      A 2010 study on mice suggests that those born in the winter were more likely to develop amental health condition than those born in warmer months.


      It's important to reiterate that the study was only conducted in mice, so it's not entirelyconclusive on the effect it may have on humans. However, it does provide interesting insightinto how birth order may potentially affect mood and behavior.


      You may be more optimistic.


      A brighter season = A brighter outlook? A 2014 study conducted by researchers in Hungaryfound that people born in springtime were more likely to have a "hyperthymic temperament," acharacteristic associated with being overly positive. Research suggests optimism can improveyour mood and even boost your immune system.

      阳光明媚的季节=阳光的性格?匈牙利的研?a href="http://www.xuexila.com/yangsheng/kesou/" target="_blank">咳嗽痹?014年进行的一项研究发现,春季出生的人更有可能具有“情感增盛的性情气质”,一种与过度乐观有关的性格特点。研究表明乐观会改善人的情绪,甚至能改善免疫系统。

      But your risk for heart problems is higher.


      Here's some bad news: According to a study by data scientists at Columbia University, peoplewho were born in March are more likely to have heart issues, such as atrial fibrillation andcongestive heart failure. The same research also found that July and October babies may bemore at risk for asthma, and winter babies may have a higher risk of neurological problems.


      A balanced diet, exercise and eliminating unhealthy behaviors like smoking are all paramountto protecting yourself against heart disease — no matter which month you were born.


      You could be more creative.


      Your innovative brain might have to do with your birth season, according to data published inthe journal Comprehensive Psychology. Researcher Mark Hamilton from the University ofConnecticut analyzed more than 300 public figures — from celebrities and artists to andscientists and politicians — as a hallmark of creativity. He discovered that the majority ofthem were born in "wet" months, thus potentially more likely to be creative.


      You’re more likely to become a leader.


      A study conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada found thatbabies born in March and April were more likely to become company leaders than those born inthe summer months. The research analyzed 375 CEOs’ birthdates from S&P 500companies between 1992 and 2009.


      Of course, it's crucial to note all of this research is hardly definitive. There's no real evidencein any of the studies that suggests there's a causation, which is needed in order to draw aformal conclusion. In other words, your destiny is not defined by your date of birth but ratheryour own personal choices.



      城市灯光欺骗树木 使春天提早到来

      The Earth's temperature is rising. And as it does, springtime phenomena—like the first bloom of flowers—are getting earlier and earlier. But rising temperatures aren't the only factor. Urban light pollution is also quickening the coming of spring. "So temperature and light are reallycontributing to a double whammy of making everything earlier." Richard ffrench-Constant, an entomologist at the University of Exeter.

      He and his colleagues compiled 13 years of data from citizen scientists in the U.K., who tracked the first bud burst of four common trees. Turns out, light pollution—from streetlights in cities, and along roads—pushed bud burst a full week earlier. Way beyond what rising temperatures could achieve. This disruptive timing can ripple through the ecosystem.

      "The caterpillars that feed on trees are trying to match the hatching of their eggs to the timing of bud burst. Because the caterpillars want to feed on the juiciest and least chemically protected leaves. And it's not just the caterpillars, of course, that are important. But the knock-on effect is on nesting birds, which are also trying to hatch their chicks at the same time that there's the maximum number of caterpillars." So earlier buds could ultimately affect the survival of birds, and beyond. The findings are in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

      The world's becoming increasingly urbanized, and light pollution is growing—which ffrench-Constant says could trick trees into budding earlier and earlier. But smarter lighting—like LEDs that dial down certain wavelengths—could help. "Perhaps the exciting thing is, if we understand more about how light affects this bud burst, we might be able to devise smarter sort of street lighting that has less red components, and therefore less early bud burst." Thus keeping springtime an actual springtime phenomenon.







      Spring does come. In the garden the rue anemones come marching out, bright as toy soldiers on their parapets of stone. The dogwoods float in casual clouds among the hills.


      This is the Resurrection time. That which was dead, or so it seemed, 2000 has come to life again-the stiff branch, there is in truth eternal life.


      So, in the spring, we plunge shovels into the garden plot, turn under the dark compost, rake fine the crumbling clods, and press the inert seeds into orderly rows. These are the commonest routines. Who could find excitement here?


      But look! The rain falls, and the sun warms, and something happens. It is the germination process. Germ of what? Germ of life, germ inexplicable,. Here is a message that transcends the rites of any church or creed or organized religion. I would challenge any doubting Thomas in my pea patch.


      Everywhere, spring brings the blessed reassurance that life goes on, that death is no more than a passing season. The plan never falters; the design never changes. It is all ordered. It has all been always ordered.


      Look to the rue anemone, if you will, or the pea patch, or to the pea patch, or to the stubbom weed that thrusts its shoulders through a city street. This is how it was, is now, and ever shall be, the world without end. In the serene certainty of spring recurring, who can fear the distant fall?








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