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Creative Concept Development

So what exactly is a creative concept? ……It is an idea or a thought that will attract the attention of your target audience to first notice your advertising and promotional material and then to read the same. It also emphasizes the main idea or benefit of your product that you want to convey to your target audience.

The creative concept or the idea is a kind of "positive disturbance." It attracts the target audience because it is something new, which they haven’t seen before. It appeals to them because something familiar has been presented to them in a different and unique manner. The creative concept or the idea can be presented either by using words or visual or both. It is a way of saying something that is most of the time not unique, in a unique manner. This disturbs the target audience in a positive manner and they are attracted to look at your advertising and promotional material.

Creative concept and Marketing strategy

While developing a creative concept, you need to keep in mind all the elements of the marketing strategy. The most important element is the positioning. Any communication that you send towards your target audience has to reinforce the positioning of the product. It is obvious that the positioning will play a critical role in the development of the concept. It can also be said that the creative concept presents the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your product or service in an interesting and unique manner. It could be presented either through visuals or words or a combination of both to attract the attention of your target audience. And in the process convince him to buy your product.

There are many ways to skin a cat

Just as there are many ways of skinning a cat, there are many creative unique ways in which to convey a message to attract and convince the customer. But picking up the right one that is going to generate the desired response from your target audience is certainly not an easy task.

Its not easy

Even though, we believe that ideas, creative and others, can come from anyone. Yet it is not easy to come up with a creative concept. You might think that you can come up with the creative concept. You might even feel that you don’t need an advertising agency. You may have an idea, but I still think you should hire an advertising agency or a professional to help you. These people are trained to think in a creative manner. So they can not only assist you in refining your idea but also in coming up with other ideas to enable you to choose the idea that is the best for your company and product.

Most people believe that coming up with a creative strategy is a simple business. They have been made to think that way as even the best concepts look deceptively simple. Most of us don’t realize that creativity lies in coming up with something simple. However, coming up with something that looks and sounds simple is not easy. In a way it is pretty much similar to concise writing …that it takes much more time and effort than lengthy writing.

How long does it take to get ideas? Sometimes ideas come up fast. But most of the time it takes a number of days of concentrated thought to come up with the right idea. A lot of deep thinking goes into it. I am not quite sure if there are any sure and certain ways of coming up with good ideas. But I for one, follow the following which has helped me to generate good ideas

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