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Implementing Advertising strategy
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Advertising Book
Communication Book

Merx Equity, an INS Ad agency, is involved in every aspect of book publishing including book cover and inside pages layout designing and printing. Contact us, if you would like to get your book designed and printed.

If you wish to purchase any of the following books published by Avinash Narula, please contact us.

Implementing Advertising Strategy

A colorful guide and reference book with chapters on printing, designing, layout, fonts, copy, headlines and CMYK colors. It is ideal for marketing and advertising executives, employees of advertising agencies and media companies, website developers, freelance graphic designers, management and advertising students as well as entrepreneurs. What more. It has chapters on how to develop brochures, posters, websites and other advertising material.

80/20 Rule of Communicating Your Ideas Effectively

Most people think that what you need to present your ideas is a gift of gab and/or a fancy set of slides. This is far from the truth. Similarly, a large number of people believe that for effective writing, you need an extensive vocabulary and an in-depth knowledge of the rules of English grammar. No wonder, most people hate writing. Of course, these things help but what is more important is knowing and implementing the 80/20 rule of communicating your ideas effectively. It is this 80/20 rule that is the most vital part of your presentation or writing which will convince others to adopt your ideas or buy your products and not the expensive colorful slide presentation you have made. In fact, implementing this 80/20 rule will automatically make your presentation or writing precise, convincing, of optimum length/duration, easily understandable, believable and interesting. You could end up killing a number of birds with one stone. But you have to read this book to find out what this 80/20 rule is.

Implementing Advertising strategyForthcoming book
Communication book(To be released in February 2014)
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Logo, Letterheads & Stationery Design
Your company's logo and stationery is the first thing that your customers, vendors and others see. It represents you to the world. Designing a logo is a challenge as one wants to convey a lot of information about the company, what it does as well as what it stands for through one small graphic design. This book is a colorful reference guide with over 2500 logo options in terms of design and color which will hopefully stimulate graphic designers to design memorable and attractive logos. This book will also serve as a guideline to entrepreneurs and company executives who are planning to get logos designed for their brands and companies. In addition, well-designed business card and letterhead will make you and your business look professional. Various options in terms of design of letterheads and visiting cards will assist you in developing your corporate identity that will impress all those dealing with your company.

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